Week 4

Not feeling like writing this week….

I reviewed a lot about color that I have previously learned in a color theory class.  However, I have a better understanding of the additive color system on the computer screen.  I did, however, learn a lot about Fireworks and some keys terms.  I also learned how to use the tools in the program.  Links to the right.

New tags:

  • <nobr></nobr> = no forced break in paragraph structure
  • &nbsp; = no break in a particular spot
  • <br/> = enter on the keyboard
  • <blockquote> </blockquote> = indention
  • <pre> </pre> = preformatted text stays preserved; use in place of the paragraph tag
  • <u> </u> = underline

Week 3

I learned a lot about images this week.  JPEG and GIF image types are the most commonly used on the web; however, PNG image type can also be used.  The reason PNG isn’t among the top two is because it has a much bigger file size than GIF and JPEG.  Also, browsers older than Internet Explorer 7 cannot view PNG so it is not smart for websites to use this image type as a good amount of their viewers probably won’t be able to see the images.  JPEG loose data each time the file is saved because the file gets compressed each and every time.  On the otherhand, GIF image types use a lossless compression that identifies patterns in similar pixels for an image.

In Dreamweaver, I learned how to organize a list of images for a web page and different ways to embed them onto a page.

I also started working with Fireworks this week but I don’t feel comfortable enough to start stating any facts about that one.

Some links from this week are posted on the right side of this page.

Week 2 Summary

Oh boy, oh boy…where do I start?

This week was actually quite fun, once I got past the overwhelming learning on Lynda.com and reading on the AACC site.  I learned about hyperlinks and what the difference is between an absolute and relative link.  An absolute link, to put it simply, is to link the user to someone else’s website or on a page you don’t personally own and  placed anywhere on your site; where a relative link pertains to the page the link is placed on.

I also learned what attributes make up a link tag.  These attributes are the opening link tag (<A HREF=), destination (“page1.html”>), label (Click to visit Page One!), and closing link tag(</A>) (using <A HREF=”page1.html”>Click to visit Page One!</A>).  The A tag would be used when inserting a hyperlink.

And in the videos via Lynda.com, I mainly learned the different ways to use Dreamweaver’s workspace.  For example, the different views such as design, code, and split.  This is so useful in a WYSIWYG program because different people have different preferences.  Some people may prefer the design side, such as myself, whereas others would prefer the code side.  Regardless, I found out this week when running into a problem in the design space, that it is awesome to have the ability to look at the code side simultaneously.  My text and links weren’t appearing the way that they did in Notepad++ so I figured something tiny got altered in the code.  Thus, having the ability to open both the design and code views was useful in making sure I fixed the problem and that it appeared correctly.

I look forward to next week and continuing to build my knowledge of how to make my own websites.

Hello web design…

This week, I have learned way too much to recall, I feel.  It was definitely a lot to take in and I simply hope I can keep it in.  I learned mostly about tags when writing xHTML and different containers.  Naming files should be quite simple, even though there are numerous rules to it, they all seem easy.

I have yet to start the practice files because my computer keeps downloading each of the zipped files as a Notepad++ file so that when I try and open it, nothing appears on my screen.  It’s very confusing but my name wouldn’t be Carol if I wasn’t already having trouble.  It’s a simple problem that I’m sure I can fix tomorrow.

My biggest concern so far with this class is that I’m not so sure this class will allow me to take three others and continue to work full time.  🙂  I realize that this will be the time consuming class of the semester but I still look forward to it.


Hello all!  I don’t normally feel open enough to write a blog so bare with me.  I look forward to this class and all of the knowledge I hope to walk away with.  However, I am a bit nervous as I have been forewarned of the challenges that lay ahead.  For now, I say bring it on; but later, I’m sure that positivity will change.

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