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Week 9

I learned mainly about web site setup.  Make sure you do research about the average user viewing options (i.e. resolution, etc.)  This will help you determine the fold and other variables.  Also, I learned that when designing a website, it is important to only use RGB and the dpi doesn’t matter.  The dpi is solely for print.


Week 8

Selectors tell how any HTML tag should be styled on a pge or site.  Class selectors must use a period before the rule and can be applied multiple times.  ID selectors must precede the rule with a pound sign and identify major page sections.  Descendant selectors is a rule based on the HTML, class, or ID that an element sits within and create individual instances of change.  Ems are used to specify size based on the user’s preferences.

Week 7

This week, I learned a lot about animation.  I’m excited about this because it’s not as hard as I thought it would be, and kind of fun.  I learned how to effectively use keywords, as far as making sure these are included in your TITLE tags, and ALT tags, and in the heading or first few paragraphs of a page.  And I learned how to effectively design while still planning for the keyword search.